Comfort and Peace – Advent

Second Sunday in Advent
Comfort & Peace

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On a snowy second Sunday of Advent, this year, the sermon was about Hannah, and Eli, the priest, who sees her crying in the temple and accuses her of drunkenness. She tells him why she is praying (she has not been able to have children).

BUT God sees, he listens and he is at work.

As I continued to listen to the sermon, these words came to mind and out onto the page of my journal. My friend, Shirley, calls this “praying at the point of a pen.”

* * * * *

Weeping . . .
	she pleads
Watching . . .	
	he judges	
	her cries

Weeping . . .
	she pleads
Listening . . .
	HE hears
	He listens
	to her cries

God sees
	God listens
		God is at work

In this season
	in all seasons
Jesus  . . .
	God with us

* * * * *

I had never noticed before the significance of Hannah’s response to the mistaken judgments of Eli, the priest. She did not cower in front of him. The temptation for me is shrinking back in the face of other’s judgement, going silent, retreating and accepting other’s judgements as truth about me. And in so doing, I lose my voice and shut down any hope of meaningful conversation taking place.

Slowly I am learning others’ observations are from their own perspective; they are seldom the whole truth about me.

And had Eli continued to judge her, I like to think Hannah would have remained undeterred.

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15 Replies to “Comfort and Peace – Advent”

  1. ‘praying at the point of pen’

    yes, yes, Carol. this is one of my favorite ways to pray ’cause it keeps me focused, keeps me pouring out my heart.

    i’m grateful for Shirley’s very apt description!

    and thankful for you, too, friend. advent blessings to you and your kin …

    1. how nice to hear from you this morning, Linda. I already have started The Lake House. It’s rich with words and descriptions, is’t it. It’s the kind of book that slows down my skimming habit! Looks like she has written other books. so more to read!

      So many changes for you my friend these last few years. Grateful in every change he remains faithful.

  2. This is lovely, Carol. Your poem makes me think of the parallel passage in Exodus where God see, hears and knows the cries of his people Israel. I love the way you allow Hannah’s witness to make you bolder too.

    1. It’s good to stop and see the characters and their responses in the stories we are so familiar with…and until we stop and pay attention, we miss it, don’t we. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Praying at the point of a pen. Love that. And I’m with you. I give too much weight to what others think. Trying to keep all voices dialed in to the appropriate volume, His still, small voice being the loudest, and the other voices down where they belong. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. OH, those dang voices. One of the things my life coach husband points out is sometimes these voices (here I am talking about the ones in my head) are trying to protect us,but they only use old information – things that happened long ago. It took me time spent in counseling to learn to listen to my own voice and HIS voice. Thanks for visiting here, Natalie

  4. This is more profound than we give it credit for: “BUT God sees, he listens and he is at work.” Is there a truth more beautiful than this? We are blessed. Thanks for sharing, Carol.

    1. I am careful about using the word “but” because it often negates the statement we just made….in this case, the statement needs to be negated. NO? thanks for stopping by Lisa.

  5. “They are seldom the whole truth about me.” Carol, this is so true; are lives are a series of snapshots in an album, the ENTIRE album, made by God.
    I like your ponderings.

  6. Wonderful post to read. Thank you, Carol. Hannah’s story is one that is very special to me. I really like your friend’s words “praying at the point of a pen.” Your prayer at the point of your pen here is wonderfully worshipful.

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