Still He Comes- An Advent Reflection

touches of sunlight in neighborhood

I didn’t set out to post advent reflections this year. I haven’t been following any Advent guide. I have been listening to the sermons each Sunday and paying attention to what God might have for me during this time time of Advent and the celebration of the coming King.

This  view outside my living room window catches the play of the setting sun on the neighborhood, the trees and the sky when I got home.  

Earlier I walked at the lake without my phone (camera). Well, actually, I did have it, but it was in my purse, in the zippered phone pocket right where it belonged, so I couldn’t find it!

 As I walked, I began to pay attention, searching for words to create the picture of what I could not capture in pixels.

 * * * * *

blue sky and sunshine
snow – like diamond chips
sprinkled over the ground
. . . beauty

traffic sounds muted
and clear voices carrying
across the lake
different kinds of
. . . stillness

trees bare except
evergreens –  still green
leaves clinging to the willows
pods decorating the catalpa tree
. . . resting

park benches
picnic tables
covered with snow
silent until spring
. . . waiting 

lake frozen in patterns
as if God was swirling the water
as the temperatures dipped
below freezing
. . . art  

breathing the clear crisp air
my mind calms
and considers the Advent of the
Christ-child, born to be

how he came
how still he still comes
to a drab, noisy, broken world
full of frenzied activity and

Oh come to my heart Lord Jesus
There is room in my heart for Thee.
May I be quiet long enough to hear of
Your coming.

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