I’d forgotten she was coming to her cousin’s basketball game today.

But there she is, standing at the foot of the stairs, all smiles
stopping to look around like she’s trying to adjust
to all the noise and activity before she
steps the rest of the way into the gym.

She comes right to me when she sees me.
I pull her onto my lap and tell her,
“oh sweetheart, I’m’ so happy you’re here.”
Hugs . . . Kisses . . .
“It’s so good to see you . .
More hugs and more kisses
as she snuggles into my lap
and sweetly and simply says
“I comed.”

Oh Lord, that’s all you want isn’t it.
You are always there with love,
waiting for me to show up,
to simply come.

I want to remember and celebrate this sweet moment –
the moment reminding me of You and how YOU wait for me with love.

Grandpa Galen, please take a picture of Emily and me.

He does! He always has his camera!

5 Replies to ““Coming””

  1. What transformation could occur if by the awareness that God is overjoyed at our just “coming” we let go of our agendas and met Him with “I comed” on a regulary basis?

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