Red Floaty Things and Grace

From my chair a good 50 yards away I see it – a bright red spot in the middle of the mess of algae along the shore of the lake.

thingy 2
They tell me they don’t put chemicals in the lake anymore, so while the fish are coming back and the lake is actually healthier in many ways, the algae is taking over.  A team of college students from Concordia College are here during the summer, pulling out the algae  and hauling it away – looks like this end needs a little attention again.  

Walking closer I see it is a bright red fishing floaty thing  -- with apologies to my fishing friends who would know what this is!  

There it was, a spot of color, even beauty in the middle of the mess.  

It reminds me of how God shows up in the middle of my messes.  

When all that I can see is ugly, Grace appears.
grace zentangle

 One of my dear friends gave me the book, Grace Happens Here by Max Lucado, in which he calls grace unexpected and undeserved I created the above image to help me focus on the truth of GRACE and remind me to watch for it. Maybe GRACE is always unexpected. Lest I start to think I deserve it.

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