Still Water, Lilies and Trust


There it was,
right in front of me.
exquisite beauty
in the waning daylight
still water
and brilliant yellow lilies

And all I could think of were the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:28 & 29

the lilies of the field,
how they grow:
they neither toil
or spin,
yet I tell you,
even Solomon
in all his glory
was not arrayed
like one of these.”

I am reminded once again.
Even in uncertain times,

when what seems like Plan A doesn’t work
through no fault of my own
God knows.
and still has a plan.

And so I wait
paying attention
following his leading.

I will . . . ..
Wait for the LORD;

Psalm 27:1 – Be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD

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Lisha Epperson, Give me Grace.|
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9 Replies to “Still Water, Lilies and Trust”

    1. thanks. it’s fun to hear from you as my son who is a developer for “Pure Charity” is spending the day her on his way to moving his family to Portland!
      thanks for visiting.

    1. As always, Linda, it’s good to see your comments here. You are one of my new blogging friends and I am glad we found each other.

  1. What a good reminder this is that God does lead and sometimes we do have to wait on him. We have some decisions that need to be made soon and I know that God will give us wisdom if we wait on Him. Oh, I love lilies, and those are so beautiful. Yellow is also one of my favorite colors for flowers.

    1. Gayle, thanks so much for your visit. Seems like when i was younger I thought as I got older it would be easier to wait – well not really, but we do know he promises wisdom.

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