Green Pastures, Still Waters and Refreshing


The last couple of days I have been spending time in Psalm 23

The first few verses are what has captured my heart:

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
  he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he refreshes my soul.

Lord, I didn’t realize how the view here at the forest preserve this morning would fit the scripture that engages my  heart with yours.  Thank you.

Lord, I know You don’t promise a life that doesn’t need
green pastures,
quiet waters
and refreshing
but You do provide them when needed.

This comforts me.
Much is uncertain – in your big world and my little world.
Most days I am afraid of accompanying Dad on his final journey
Mom’s was so difficult.

(My Daddy, how I’ve always loved his smile!)

And then I am reminded of your presence and refreshing.
And I  will trust for another day.
And enjoy the days I have now with Dad,
seeing his smile
watching him enjoy his family,
hearing him laugh at one of Galen’s jokes,
and hearing “thank you for all you do,”
and “I love you” as I say goodbye to him each time I leave
and every night as I tuck him into bed.

6 Replies to “Green Pastures, Still Waters and Refreshing”

  1. How sweet of your dad to say thank you for all you do and I love you!!! Get as many of those as you can commit to memory! Enjoy the moment for what it is. Being present is a good thing right now. The future will take care of itself when it needs to. Bless you!(as my mother would say) Carol. You are in such a growth time!! Cheers!

  2. The pastures are green but sometimes there are rocks in the pasture that are hidden by the grass. That picture of your dad looks so good. He looks like how I remember him. Transitions are so hard whether we’re expecting them or not.

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