Signs, The Future and Trust


As I walk into the Gardens today,
I ask You to help me
be aware
pay attention
Perhaps there is
something here you want me to see
something you want to tell me today.

My mind has been full of questions . . . .
mostly questions about the future
where will we….
when will . . .
what if . . .
what should we . . . .
will we . . .
how can we . . .
will there be . . .

And then I notice the sign –

But, I am here at the garden,
surrounded by your creation.
Surely there is something else –
Something beautiful you have created
to speak to me this morning

I continue my walk
and there is another one.

This sign –
normally I don’t notice traffic signs when I am walking!

Some signs mean
then proceed with caution..

Sometimes signs give us other options.

but this one just says a great big  “NO.”


And then I begin to get it. .  .
It’s about all those questions about the future.

And I hear you say:

Don’t go there.
Just don’t.”

You can plan,
You can be wise,
but the things you are talking about are things you
cannot control,
plan for
set up
or fix.

Matthew 6:34  (The Message)
“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

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  1. Carol

    Thank you for this!!! With so many big events looming…happy (wedding) and sad (moving Mom) I have been having many of these same thoughts. I think God’s sign to me was to have you write this at this time when I most needed to be reminded of this powerful message.

    You are truly a blessing in my life and my hope for you is this brings as much comfort to you as you have to me!



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