How to Memorize When You Can’t Memorize?

Ephesians 1:3,4 
How blessed is God.  And what a blessing he is.  He is the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ.  And he takes us to the high places of blessing in him.  
Long before he laid the earth’s foundation He had us in mind, and had Settled on us the focus of his love To be made whole and holy by his love.  

When I was in my freshman year of Bible college a long time ago, (ok, it was 1966-67) I memorized a LOT of verses and passed my test.   That was then….and this is now and I “can’t” memorize.

But this week I memorized two verses!  

Ephesians 1:3-10 got into my heart and I decided I just had to try again.
These words assuring  me God had thought of me all along – precious, but hard for me to grasp, but it’s what it says right here in my Bible.

A part of me wants to say this is just poetic language.  But if God knows the numbers of the hairs on my head, then I guess it’s safe to believe he sees and knows me.

There’s got to be a way I can memorize this, I thought.  Maybe doing something visual would work.

So I set about writing it in ways I thought I might remember.

I started out with this:
And after playing with it a bunch of times in my journal, (memorizing as I went) I ended up with this. 

IMG_0010(the blue and green orb is the earth in case you wonder!) 

And I memorized two of the 7 verses. 
Next week I’ll try a couple more.  

He had me in mind.
Settled the focus of his love on me.
So I can be WHOLE and HOLY.
Hard to grasp
May I experience it. 

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6 Replies to “How to Memorize When You Can’t Memorize?”

  1. Carol, thank you for that thought. Just yesterday a young man texted me that he wanted prayer as he couldn’t seem to read his bible. From your entry above it occurred to me that his writing a single verse in many ways (he is a creative boy) would be helpful. I think this young man struggles with carrying everyone else’s “to-do” list for him, on his back and under this load has trouble receiving God’s grace for him.
    P.S. Keep blogging I’m starting hear it

  2. There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper to have some truths come to life and grab hold of our heads and hearts.

    Truth be told, memorizing anything is hard as we head into our gray-headed years. But every verse of every hymn I ever sang as a child comes forth clear and strong as I sing myself to sleep late at night.

    Weekend blessings to you, my friend … such good stuff here.

    1. Always nice to see you here, Linda. I have decided I will start a blank page notebook with these scriptures I am memorizing. You are right about the songs. My dad who has dementia can still play UpWords (a 3-d kind of scrabble). He’s always right if he challenges you and thinks of words I have never heard of. Someone told me that songs and spelling are the last things to go. One night in his sleep he “led” the congregation in two hymns. ( he was a pastor).

    1. HI Elizabeth…i was so excited to actually memorize again. I am going to tackle another set next week…giving myself this week to make sure it’s sticking! yes…we seem to post either before or after each other! funny coincidence…

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