I hear . . . .

I Hear . . . . .
Birds singing
Occasional cars driving by
The sound of my husband
turning the pages as he reads
I sit on the deck in the shade

He is just inside the door sitting in the sun
After 42 years, some things never change.
He’d freeze out here.
I’d roast in there

Leaves rustling
A car door banging
A horn tooting as the the lock button is clicked
A woodpecker pecking

The sun shining lazily on the deck railing

The green leaves complementing
the deep blue of the sky
a color combination leaving me
in awe.

The soft thunking of clean linen packets outside our units
signaling the arrival of the cleaning crew

It’s Friday….
and going time at the resort
And we are going.
I sit here on our last morning
the end of a week
less than what I had hoped
too much “work” brought along.

Is there a point to this pondering?

Does there always have to be a point?

And the simple sweet melody,
playing in my head
since awakening this morning
suddenly fits the day.

“I owe the Lord a morning song
of gratitude and praise.
For the kind blessings He has shown
by lengthening out my days.”

Thank you Lord for the gift of a new day