Trust and the ROCK

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The "rock" as viewed from a  Sacred Space.
The “rock” as viewed from a Sacred Space.

Psalm 18:2  You , oh Lord are my rock. my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my strength in whom I will trust.

The ground surrounding the rock changes . . .
muddy, soft in rain . . .
firm in sunshine . . .
gives away in the summer.

The ROCK is firm . . .
providing firm footing
in rain or sunshine.

LORD, You be my ROCK!
I will plant my feet on YOU
through the ever-changing
landscapes of my life.

When the ground around me shifts,
help me stay and trust the ROCK.

Originally written June 2008 – during a time of much uncertainty and change in many areas of our life.  As I re-read the entry today,  I notice much of what prompted this has not been resolved and newer more urgent issues have arisen, but , but  the”rock” and what it signifies continues to encourage and bring peace.

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5 Replies to “Trust and the ROCK”

  1. I’m definitely a “Rock” addict and have often used the Word related to it/Him. He is countable. Thank you for sharing so straightforwardly. Needed by many around the world.

  2. Praise God that He is solidly in place, isn’t going anywhere, and can be truly relied on. Even while all around our souls gives way.

    Thank you for your thoughts today, Carol … so substantial, so laden with faith.

  3. hello Carol…thanks so much for sharing again. You are like a bouquet of fresh basil to my heart …..pungent and exciting what uses it may flavor. I need a ROCK today. Let me know what your struggle is today so I can pray…is it financial,emotional or spiritually? My struggle (usually) is trying to figure how we can live our life on social security…we have no pensions and when Lowell lost his business he is such a man of integrity he took our retirement and paid off our creditors. We are both still working to catch up. That loss happened in 1997. Our marriage is strong because we have come through a lot together…although it was tough as you would know. So for me you can pray for me for patience,calmness and resting in the ROCK. Bless you.

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