Heritages, Endings and Beginnings

just 5 days ago - a fun game of UpWords...ok Dad. The dictionay agrees "Moil" is a word."
“OK,Dad. The dictionary agrees with you.  ‘Moil” is a word.”  You are right again”  Just a few days ago – a fun game of UpWords.  Photo taken on Tuesday before he was gone on Friday night.
Psalm 61:5b
Thou hast given us the heritage of those who fear the Lord.

Today my dad is in heaven.

After being ill just one day, he is gone.

He loved his God and he loved preaching.
In short -  He Loved the Ministry.
Several years ago he told me:  
“I have never quite gotten over it that God 
called me to the ministry.”

That he would get to preach God's love and grace and mentor others to love his God was a wonder he never quite understood.  But how grateful he was for what he called “the privilege.”

Today I remember a writer I discovered a few years and and one of his poems, entitled "I Teeter on the Brink of Endings."  The closing lines put into words how this grateful daughter feels today, as one of the recipients of that heritage - and as she transitions from this intense season of care giving.  

In silence, Lord,
I feel now the curious blend of grief and gladness in me
over the endings that the ticking and whirling of things brings;

and I listen for your leading
to help me faithfully move on through the fear
of my time of letting go
so the timeless may take hold of me.

from Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder.