One Generation to Another

Psalm 145:4
Generation after generation
stands in awe of your work;
each one tells stories
of your mighty acts.

This we will do.
It is up to us now to tell of God’s mighty acts.

“Papa Neckie,” as he is affectionately known by his Great Granddaughters has now joined Great Grandma in heaven.
They are no longer here to tell the stories.

LORD, You have given us a rich heritage

12H Family Fun 2013 - Page 006

And we will tell of your faithfulness.
The Obituary for my dad is in the paper today.


9 Replies to “One Generation to Another”

  1. Oh Linda. This reminded me of something precious I read of great comfort in His word: “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His faithful servants.” Psalm 116:15 The picture of Him waiting is expectation is enough to last a lifetime. The arrival is not only expected, it is so treasured He calls it “precious.” How awesome is that. Nothing beats the truth.

  2. Such a rich heritage to honor and celebrate. I love the photos, especially the photo of your mom and dad. Their embrace is so sweet and heartwarming. I also love the photo of your family and all those precious grandchildren you are loving and sharing this rich heritage with.

    You remain on my heart and in my prayers my dear friend.
    Love you!

    1. mom told me one time she and dad felt a bit adventuresome with this embrace, but they were out with another couple by themselves for the day! I love this picture!

  3. carol, i love your post today on the christian heritage you had. i peeked back to see that your dad just recently passed away.

    sorry to hear of your loss, but glad for his homecoming to heaven. it must have been delightful for him:)

    you will be in my prayers during this time when your grief is fresh…and as you recoup from being a full time caretaker.

    1. Thanks Martha – lots of adjustments. I had retired right before he came to live with us unexpectedly. It’s been quite a year, and I am glad we were here for him, hard as it was. it’s a bittersweet time…and so SWEET for him to be with my siblings and my mom once again.

  4. Good evening, Carol … God has kept you near my heart this week, and I have lifted you back up to Him as you walk through this grief.

    And these photos, these loving thoughts … what a delightful tribute, a rich heritage.

    Blessings as you rest this evening, friend …

    1. oh Linda, what a sweet sweet message. Today is the first day where i wasn’t so busy and not with people…so i called an out of town friend. it was just what i needed..your prayers are being answered. Grace upon grace….

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