Oceans, Seashells and Jesus’ Love


If you were walking Miami Beach along about 72nd  and Collins Avenue last week, you just might have seen someone that looked a lot like me, sitting at the ocean, texting and thought, “Now isn’t that crazy – an ocean to see and she’s texting.”

Before you render final judgement, about me texting at the ocean, please keep reading and see what I was texting to my grandchildren.


Recently, Miss E and I were talking in the car about how sometimes God speaks to us through nature. He created beautiful things to show us how good and beautiful  and grand he is – how much he loves us.

She said: “Oh, I love nature too, especially oceans and seashells…the ones where you can hear the ocean when you hold it up to your ear.”  I assured her I would look for one and I would also send her a photo of the ocean. This morning I took that video with this message your Mom or your Daddy will read to you.

When I saw the waves this morning
I thought,
“Jesus’ love is like the waves.
They just keep coming . . .
no matter what . . .”
the way your parents
will always love
Like I  will always love
my sons,
your daddies,

Jesus is always there.
He hasn’t gone away
even when he doesn’t feel close . . .
Just like the waves of the ocean…
He is there
every minute
of the day
every day.

And you will never be able to make US stop loving YOU!

Grandma and Grandpa Hiestand

( Don’t tell Miss E, we found a seashell big enough to hear the ocean for each family at the Shell Man, along the road down in the keys. Maybe it will remind of the ocean and the Jesus who always will love us and always be with us.)

jesus loveI created this photo to send to each of them when I get home


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