Sacred Spaces

I am part of an online group of women who are what I like to call, “of a certain age.” I think it’s women over 50 and on this my 68th birthday, I am reminded I qualify with flying colors. Each week there is a word for us to ponder on or maybe even blog about. This week’s word is “sacred.” And I can’t help but remember this post about Sacred Spaces long ago and far away (Nov. 2010), so I am bringing it forward once again. These last years of care-giving, retiring and all that came along with that, changed my rhythms and I have had a hard time finding them again. It is becoming quite clear to me being open to new rhythms, instead of trying to impose the former ones is the way to start again.

Sacred Space: A time and place set apart for God and God alone.

lake opeka

Sitting this morning on “my rock,” under “my willow tree,” my eyes fall on the now familiar view across the lake – the new houses I have watched “grow.” I sense there is something special here, but I don’t think the houses are “speaking” to me today. It’s more because these houses, along with the willow tree under which I sit, tell me that I am in my sacred place once again.

The view isn’t what is sacred!
But seeing these familiar sights ushers me into
a place
a mindset
a settled-in feeling that says . . .
“Ahhhhh . . . .I am here Lord.
I am so looking forward to being with you this morning.”

these are places where I’ve
met you in meaningful ways.
engaged my heart with yours.
I have more than one “Sacred Space.”

Besides this rock, under the willow tree beside Lake Opeka,
there is the off-the-main-path waterfall at the Garden,

a favorite hide-away, Chicago Botanic Gardens

“my” corner table at The Garden Cafe . . .

botanic gardens, scared space

the lakeside hideaway across from the Garden fountain . . .

botanic gardens love notes

mom’s chair, now mine, and the crackling “Montana” candle . . .

moms chair

And it occurs to me that it isn’t so much the physical surroundings
as it is the interaction I’ve experienced here
with You,
the times I have engaged my heart through Scripture
with Your’s.
Places and experiences like these draw me back for more.

Revisiting this post helps draw me back to a rhythm. It will be a new one, not like the old, for much has changed. Sometimes it’s good to read your own words.



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  1. Carol,

    What gorgeous places/photos…and yes, it is hard to let go of old rhythms and discover new ones…glad to read you’re doing so…blessings on your journey, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the photos, Carol, of the places where you’ve met God in meaningful ways, engaging your heart with his. You’ve got me pondering where those special places are for me. A thoughtful, thought-provoking post, Carol!

    1. The most interesting thing for me is the realization my sacred spaces do not always stay the same. I am pretty much of a sentimental type person and tradition means a lot to me…..thanks for visiting here Nancy.

    1. thank you Michael. It’s good to ‘see’ you here. I have missed seeing your faces. I hope you are still writing in the small spaces of your life.

  3. I am glad you brought that post out again. It’s great to read about allowing new rhythms to be sacred. Thank you.

    1. It’s been a long time coming.It was as I worked on the post this time that I realized this is what i needed to look at. Allowing a new focus. It has been freeing.

  4. Beautiful thoughts – this line jumped out at me because it’s where I’m living right now as a caregiver and with a newly diagnosed autoimmune disease – “It is becoming quite clear to me being open to new rhythms, instead of trying to impose the former ones is the way to start again.” That is so true – I’m learning some new rhythms these days. I’m one of those certain age women in the group you mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Good to meet you here Theresa. To be a care-giver and also one who could probably use some care-that is a lot. I hope you have help. The interesting thing is I kind of wrote myself into that conclusion as I was writing. It had been stirring in the background and this helped put it in focus. I’ll see you around. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Carol – I love this. I love sacred places and being invited to see your sacred ones here feels like a hug of friendship. Enjoy those places and keep entering into them. May God continue to meet you there in meaningful ways, whether big or small.

  6. Carol, since I didn’t ‘know’ you in 2010, this reflection is a lovely new piece and good words for me as a reminder.
    I liked this line in your intro, “It is becoming quite clear to me being open to new rhythms, instead of trying to impose the former ones is the way to start again.”
    God has been speaking to me about not trying to do what I used to do–read the same Scriptures, listen to the same music or whatever–in order to hear His voice and feel His presence. It’s an unfamiliar season.
    and I’m right there with you.

    1. This has been an important focus for me. I kept wanting to somehow make everything that worked before, work for me now, but my life and rhythms are different. I suspect there will be new sacred spaces as well as new rhythms. It has been a freeing thought.

  7. “Sacred” is one of the “S” words in my blog’s subtitle. Combined with Sane and Simple, the three pretty much sum up the lifestyle to which I aspire. Place is an important part of each one of them. In fact, I spent a couple of hours in a place on Monday that fulfilled all three — at least for me for the hours I spent there…

    I always appreciate your reflections and am glad you took the time to post these รขโ„ขยฅ

    1. Sane, Simple, Sacred – three lovely words. And when all three are at the same time….ah yes. That is a beautiful thing.

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