The view doesn’t change what is true

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

I love the view up here from the bedroom-turned-office.  Well, office seeems too officious for how my days go now since I retired and Dad came to live with us.  I am grateful to the previous owner who put in this wall of windows in this north-facing room.  It's as if he knew I'd need a place like this for this time.  It's a place where I can retreat, pay attention and listen to God.  


God, I haven’t been outside much
and I've missed it.  
I’ve been alone with dad this week and it’s been
Raining most days.

You speak to me so clearly though nature
But I know you speak to me where I am.

I have learned to 
"Pay attention!
Look up.   
        Look down.
                 Look around.
And see what God has for you.”  

And then I notice the the mini blinds


how they break up the view
on the top of the window
even totally obscure the view
in the window next to it.

But I know
nothing out there 
has changed.
Just the view.

And I hear you say: 

Oh my child, the “view”
Is like you seeing me.
Sometimes you see me so clearly.
Sometimes things look a little “broken up” and you wonder where I am.
And sometimes you feel as if you can’t see me at all.

But I have not 
              gone away
                     forsaken you.

I am the God who Does.Not.Change

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4 Replies to “The view doesn’t change what is true”

  1. Carol,

    Constant and unchanging…even to those who are blind…and me who can see clearly fail to recognize the view may change, but the God of the Universe does not.


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